Lori Allison: lead vocals on 1,3,4,5,8; background vocals on 1,3,5,6,8
Richard Rebarber: keyboards on all except 5, drum programming on 2,6
Steve Doyle: acoustic bass on 1,6,8
Kristi Pfabe: violin on 1,2,4,8
Tammy VanDeBogart: ead and background vocals on 6,7; harmonica and pennywhistle on 2; flute and concertina on 8
Gregg Cosgrove: lead vocals on 2
Ron Albertson: drums on 2,7
John Tobler: accordian on 2
Dave Farrens: bass on 2,7; electric guitar on 7
Harry Dingman III: electric guitar on 3
Greg Hill: drums on 3
Marty Amsler: bass on 3
Wes Stebbins: guitar on 3
Melissa Carper: acoustic bass on 4,5
Alyssa Story: cello on 5,6,7
Scott Stanfield: electric guitar on 7
Angela Adams: oboe on 8

© 1993 Floating Opera. All rights reserved
Illustrations and packaging concepts by Harry Dingman III
Cover Photo by Mary Gallinger
Thanks to Thomas Irvin