Lori Allison: lead vocals on all except 5,7,10,11, background vocals on all except 7,10
Chris Wilson: lead vocals on 1,5,7,10 background vocals on 1,5,7,10
Heidi Orr: lead vocal on 11 and background vocals on 8,11
Richard Rebarber: keyboards
David Boye: bass on all except 9,10,11 and sax on 3
Pat Noecker: bass on 9
Scott Stansfield: bass on 10
Terry Pieper: bass on 11
Jon Taylor: electric guitar on all except 2,11,12
Dorea Claasen: trumpet 1,3,10
Justin Kohmetscher: trumpet 9
Alyssa Storey: cello 5,9,12
Ron Albertson: drums 4,8,9,11
Pawl Tisdale: drums 1,3,6,7,10

All songs Lieurance/Rebarber, © 2003 Holomorphic Music. Except “Agnus in Furs”, “Arbus”, “Burning Lighthouse”, and “Shapes I Brought Back With Me”, © 1999 Holomorphic Music.
String and horn arrangements by Richard Rebarber,other arranging done by all concerend.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Richard Rebarber
Additional Engineering by A.J. Mogis
Mastered by Emily Lazar, assisted by Sarah Register at The Lodge, NYC
Artwork by Harry Dingman III and Thomas Irvin and Holly Heinisch for the Holiday Cake People.

Special Thanks to Lucinda, Seth, and Margaret.